essinta - Smoke, Vapor, Tobacco
Our software won't go up in smoke

Smoke, Vapor, Tobacco

We know customers ebb and flow but that shouldn't be because of your front desk software.

Smoke and vapor shops have unique needs and essinta can track the your sales with the precision you need.

Employee turnover won't slow you down either as essinta can be learned in just minutes.

Deliverying easy of use for any platform

Our responsive design application works with any platform you have from Windows, Max, Linux or even mobile devices.

You can acces the application from anywhere in the world. Not only from your store during business hours, but log in with your web browser after hours to check sales.

Intuitive the FIRST time you use it!

No one wants to read complex user manuals or go to training class to use new software. As soon as you select your business type you can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.